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Invitation Flint Micasa Cup 2020

  • Flint ESSO Arena has six full scale 11v11 football fields
     Flint ESSO Arena has six full scale 11v11 football fields
  • Overall winners of the tournament 2019 Leeds United
     Overall winners of the tournament 2019 Leeds United
  • Optimal climatic conditions for football
     Optimal climatic conditions for football

Tournament main data

Flint Micasa Cup 2020 is a three-day tournament which takes place during Pentecost - from May 30th to June 1st - in Tønsberg, some 100 km south west of Oslo.

This is an area that provides optimal climatic conditions for outdoor sports during the summer.

The tournament is open for teams of players born in January 2006 or later (class U14).

Flint Fotball has close to 1,000 active players and 100 teams and is thereby one of the largest football clubs in Norway.

The 2020 event will be played at two arenas with a total of 12 full scale football fields (11 vs 11), which allows for 80 participating teams.
Thereby Flint Micasa Cup is one of the largest U14-only tournaments in Europe.

See also: A short film presenting the atmosphere during Flint Micasa Cup 2017

Overall tournament objective

The overall objective for Flint Micasa Cup is to make sure that all participating teams have a lot of matches against other teams with the same level of skill. We refer to this concept as «Multilevel Tournament». This setup is possible to accommodate because we have a large number of fields, a large number of teams and only one class.

Thereby we can ensure that all participating teams - regardless their level of skill - will meet other teams at their own level.

Tournament characteristics

Our tournament can in brief be described as follows:

  • Multilevel tournament
    Flint Micasa Cup is designed to provide a good experience for all teams regardless their level of skill. Many good teams (“elite teams”) will participate, but these will not be specially prioritised at the expense of other teams.
  • Well suited for big clubs with multiple teams
    This multilevel concept especially suits big clubs which can participate with multiple teams and be sure that each of them find opponents at their own level.
  • A lot of matches and playing time for each participating team
    Each team play 8 or 9 matches and the matches are distributed in order to allow for recovery and eating.
  • Normal club teams without overaged players
    The tournament is primarily for B14 teams, but also ambitious teams in class B13 can find Flint Micasa Cup attractive. Only players born later than January 1st 2006 are admitted.
  • Seeding matches on Saturday
    Each of the teams play four or five short seeding matches based on an innovative dynamic tournament concept in order to determine their individual level of skill. Based on these matches the teams will qualify for six different divisions (8 or 16 teams in each division), which will apply for the remaining tournament. 
  • Intermediate tournament stage on Sunday
    Each division is split into groups of four teams each. On Sunday all teams play against all other teams in the group (“Round robin”) in order to determine playoffs.
  • Playoffs on Monday
    On Monday the tournament ends with semi-finals and finals in order to determine the overall ranking in each division. All teams play minimum one match this day.
  • Trophies
    There are trophies for the winners of each division. This means that all teams have the possibility to play for trophies regardless of which level they have qualified for after the seeding matches.

Travel arrangements

The venue of the tournament is Flint Esso Arena right outside the city of Tønsberg, some 100 km south-west of Oslo.

Teams arriving by airplane may use the international airport Torp Airport Sandefjord (TRF) located within 30 minutes travel distance from Tønsberg.

The Airport has direct flight connections to cities in UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Italy and Spain.

In addition, the Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) – located about two hours travel from Tønsberg – has direct connection to most European international airports.

Teams arriving by bus may find the ferry connection from Denmark (Hirtshals) useful. It brings you within 30 minutes driving from the venue.

We will help arranging local transportation by bus in Norway as required.

Accommodation and dining

We will provide accommodation in nearby schools and dining will take place within walking distance from the arena. For teams arriving Friday evening we will serve a late supper. Breakfast is served at the school. Both lunch and dinner are hot meals.

Good and nutritious food adapted active footballers is important to us and we got very good feedback for our dining under previous tournaments.

Teams arriving on Friday will buy an “A-card” covering totally three night of accommodation, four cold meals and four hot meals.

Please also note that we have negotiated very attractive conditions with local hotels - please contact us for further information and prices regarding such alternative accommodation.


Registration fee for foreign teams is NOK 4,000 (approx. EUR 400). The registration is deemed complete when this has been paid. 

Fee for A-card for foreign teams is NOK 1,700 (approx. EUR 170) for each participant (players, team leaders and companions). Minimum number of participants from each team is 18.

Fee for accommodation and dining will be invoiced early April 2020 and is due for payment on May 1st.

Additional information and registration

If you have questions regarding Flint Micasa Cup 2020, please do not hesitate to contact us in English or German language at birger@fotballungdom.no

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